Free Knitting Pattern - Toy hammock

A quick, easy and very useful hammock for storing toys.

Please, if you have trouble or spot a mistake leave a comment here so that I can fix it and prevent other people struggling too.  I don't pay for my free patterns to be tech edited and mistakes do happen.  (All of my for sale patterns are fully tested and tech edited.)

15mm (US 19) needles
DK yarn held doubled (you can use any weight yarn you like as long as you use large needles)

( )*rep instructions between ( )’s as many times as directed by the *
K, kKnit
K2TogKnit two together
K4TogKnit four together
YOYarn over

Increase section:
Cast on two stitches
Row 1) K1, yo, K1(3 sts)
Row 2) K all sts
Row 3) (K1, yo) * 2, K1 (5 sts)
Row 4) K all sts
Row 5) (K1, yo) * 4, K1 (9 sts)
Row 6) K all sts
Row 7) (K1, yo) * 8, K1 (17 sts)
Row 8) K all sts
Row 9) (K1, yo) * 16, K1 (33 sts)
Row 10) K all sts
Row 11) yo, K3tog, (yo, K2tog) * 15(32 sts)
Row 12) (yo, K2tog) * 16

Repeat row 12 till you get the desired length

Decrease section:
Row 1) K all sts
Row 2) (yo, K4tog) * 8(16 sts)
Row 3) K all sts
Row 4) (yo, K4tog) * 4(8 sts)
Row 5) K all sts
Row 6) (yo, K4tog) * 2(4 sts)
Row 7) K all sts
Row 8) K4tog(1 st)

Bind off

Please note - since this is a free pattern I have not had it tech edited or tested.  Please let me know if you find any errors.

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