the naughty tiger

I've been working on my tiger pattern for ages now while my cat pattern is with the test knitters.  Some designs seem to develop easily while others need concentration and hard work, the tiger has been the latter kind of pattern and has spent many evenings behind the sofa in disgrace.

The naughty tiger's first misdemeanor was when he grew an extra toe.
Exhibit A
Unfortunately, I didn't notice till I had made two feet.  That earned him a time out for the afternoon and I had to have some cake to recover my mojo.

After the paw debacle we had a terrible struggle getting the head just right.

but no problem at all getting it wrong!

Thankfully I was able to study more tiger pictures on my pinterest board and eventually we found his face:
Isn't he sweet!

I'll give him his front paws and a tail in the next couple of days, hopefully he'll be ready for test knitting in mid August.  Send me a note on Ravelry if you would like to help test knit (fair warning though, my last test knit filled up in about 20 minutes!)